What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

erectile dysfunction causes

Let us look at What Causes Erectile Dysfunction

A block in the Blood Vessels

The main cause of the lack of life-sustaining oxygen to the tissues is ischemia, simply put, it is the blockage of a blood vessel. This same condition which explains heart problems can also be the cause of erectile dysfunction. As the cholesterol and other factors are imbalanced, a fatty substance called plaque deposits on artery walls. As the plaque pile up, the arterial walls slowly narrow down, decreasing flow of blood to the tissues. This is known as arteriosclerosis; ans is the major contributor to the development of coronary heart disease.

High Blood Pressure.

Having high blood pressure can be a big contributing factor to impotence. Why? Many of the treatment regimens for hypertension have impotence as a side effect; in the above cases, it is rescindable when the medications are stopped. However, of course, you wouldn’t want to sacrifice your life by giving up your meds just for the sake of getting good erections. Consult your physician about this as he may change your medication.

Diabetes can lead to a whopping 40% of the total cases of impotence. Between 30 – 50 percent of all diabetic men report some form of sexual insufficiency.

Parkinson’s Disease Called PD, this condition may cause the under-appreciated problem. It is projected that near 35 percent of men with PD experience impotence.

Prostate Cancer and its Treatments both the growing cancer cells, as well as the treatment, can damage nerves needed for erectile function.

The secondary effects of radiation treatment include most of those of surgery, but the risks for impotence and incontinence are considerably lower.

Multiple Sclerosis this affects the CNS or the central nervous system, also leads to sexual dysfunction in as many as 78% of males suffering from MS.

Medications about one-fourth of all the cases of erectile dysfunction can be credited to medications. Numerous drugs pose a danger for erectile dysfunction. Below are the medications that are common reasons of impotence:

Drugs used for chemotherapy.

Many drugs are taken for high blood pressure, most especially diuretics as well as beta blockers.

Most drugs meant for psychological disorders, such as antidepressants, antipsychotic drugs and anti-anxiety drugs.

Injury, Stress, or Physical Trauma

Injury: pelvic trauma and spinal cord injury, for example, pelvic fracture, can cause nerve damage which results in erectile dysfunction.

Bicycling: more studies have shown that frequent bicycling might pose a threat for erectile dysfunction. Same principle as atherosclerosis, the pressure brought by cycling can reduce blood flow to the penis.

Vasectomy: take note that this does not cause impotence. When erectile dysfunction occurs after the procedure, it is frequently in husbands whose partners were not able to take the procedure and has lost the interest.

Hormonal Abnormalities: this happens when a less than the standard amount of sex hormones (testosterone) in males can be the problem, typically due to an aberration in the testicles, that secrete the above hormones. It impacts 4 to 5 million gentlemen in the US alone. However, lesser testosterone levels seem to decrease sexual interest, not source erectile dysfunction.

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