Natural Ways to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a common condition that can be very frustrating and have a negative effect on treatmentsyour self-confidence and relationship. Although it is common among men over 40, today quite a number of young men also find it difficult to rise to the occasion. This condition can have many causes, including unhealthy lifestyle habits and lack of physical fitness. So the best way to prevent this condition is to make some simple lifestyle changes. If you want to keep erectile dysfunction at bay and maintain your prowess in bed, keep reading.

Natural Ways to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

Healthy Diet

Erectile dysfunction can be prevented by following healthy diet and eating habits, drinking a lot of water and avoiding fats, sugar and caffeine. Eat whole, fresh, unprocessed and unrefined foods, including vegetables, soy, beans, seeds, whole grains, olive oil, nuts and cold-water fish like tuna and salmon. Taking vitamins and minerals may also help enhance the vascular system, an important element in good sexual health. Taking foods and supplements with vitamins C, vitamin E and the mineral zinc is recommended.

Regular Exercise Regimen

Since the vascular system is associated with sexual health, a strong and healthy heart plays a vital part in preventing erectile dysfunction. Simple aerobic exercises, like walking, running, dancing or bicycling will strengthen your cardiovascular system. When your cardiovascular system is stronger, it will give stronger support to your vascular system, thereby supporting a healthy erection. Getting regular exercise enhances circulation of blood throughout your body, including the penis.

Kegel Exercises

The pelvic floor helps sustain an erection by pressing on the vein that prevents blood from leaving till the erection is over. So to boost the function of pelvic floor, it should be exercised. Kegel exercises offer the most effective way to strengthen this internal muscle. Find the pelvic floor by tightening the muscles you would need to tighten in order to stop urine flow. Tighten and release this muscle 8 times. Continue until you have done at least 3 sets of 8. Do Kegel exercises every day.


Herbs which can help support healthy erectile function include ginkgo biloba, ginseng and ginger. Ginseng helps boost blood circulation, and it can be taken as either a dried powder or a paste mixed with honey. Ginkgo biloba can also increase blood flow in the arteries, thereby supporting the vascular functions that trigger a healthy erection. To use garlic for preventing erectile disorders, chew fresh, uncooked garlic thoroughly.

Quit smoking and avoid alcohol

Smoking can interfere with the circulatory system and hence it can lead to ED. It is also associated with diseases that cause erectile dysfunction. Alcohol can also have a big impact on erections. Many men find it hard to stay erect when drunk. So if you want to have a good sexual health, give up the cigarettes and avoid alcohol.

These remedies can work wonders in prolonging your erection. But remember that stress and anxiety are a major cause of ED. So try to avoid anything that can cause stress in your life.

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