Advantages and Disadvantages of Erectile Dysfunction Protocol

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The Erectile Dysfunction Protocol as it is better known, is one of the best choices for you to enter into when finding a way to keep your sex life going strong. However, you have to be aware of the problems that may also accompany this protocol. This is in spite of how the program lists plenty of details on everything you can use so you can stay healthy and ready to take on anything.

The program focuses on a plan that entails critical dietary changes in your life. This includes knowing what to do to enhance the flow of blood within your penile zone, thus giving you a better potential to have a strong and sturdy erection. Even with this in mind, it always helps to get a closer look at every single aspect that comes with the the protocol before you try using it yourself.


· This plans offers an extensive list of many useful things that you can add to your daily routine. These include many amino acids, proteins, enzymes and other items that you can get from your daily diet. You can even learn about the specific foods you’ll have to consume to get these items ready right through this guide.

· There are many dietary supplements that are also listed here. You’ll learn about how much to take and what you can get out of these when used the right way.

· You will start to feel the results from the program in a few weeks on average. In fact, the earliest results may come well sooner than that.

· This works without the use of any annoying medications, low-T injections or other medical treatment options that might actually be more dangerous to your body.

· The products needed to complete this program are very easy to enjoy. You might find that you can get your materials for the program ready for less than $20 in some cases.


· The materials to use in this program might require you to talk with your doctor before you try to use them. This is to see if you can safely use them without being at risk of harm in some way.

· The guide does not necessarily go all that far in terms of talking about the exact statistics that come with the program. That is, it does not discuss much in terms of how effective it can be for your body and how you can use it to your benefit if managed the right way.

· Not all items are guaranteed to work with every single person. While the solutions listed here are sensible and entail working with more blood flow as required, every body will respond to the materials used here in its own way.

Make sure you take a look at the Protocol if you want to find a way to keep erectile dysfunction from being a serious concern in your life. This is a program that will give you more control over your life as you will have the sexual power that you’ve always wanted to find in your life.

Does Erectile Dysfunction Protocol Work for Everyone?

One of the most frustrating issues men face in this era of constant pressure and business is the problem erectile dysfunction program reviewof erectile dysfunction. The main challenge of this problem is that it is very difficult to talk about and day by day without being able to do something about the issue, men suffer from mental erosion. And at the same time, he is not able to satisfy the need of his girl or spouse.

But, there is a way, a natural way which can help solve the problem. It is Erectile Dysfunction Protocol. The creator of this revolutionary product is Jason Long who was also suffering from the same issue. Almost out of compulsion, he looked into the root of the cause and fortunately found a way which can now help everyone. Even the men who are not currently suffering from erectile dysfunction can use The Protocol for improving their sex life and to increase the vitality and enthusiasm during sex.

Here are the reasons why It works for everyone.

· 100% Natural: The age is all about pills and drugs. If you want to reduce your weight, go for a pill; if you would like to improve your skin tone, use a drug. But how far they are safe and secure? Mostly they are not as they are not natural. But Erectile Dysfunction Protocol is 100% natural. You don’t need to take any pill or drug or go for any costly surgery. With the prescribed enzymes and amino acids you can literally change the course of your sex life.

· No side effects: Most people when they purchase any product are concerned about the side effects it creates. And it’s natural to worry as most of the products are not natural and have huge side-effects. But the protocol has no side-effect whatsoever other than improving your overall health as well as your sex life.

· People who would like to prevent it: ED Protocol is very useful for people who are suffering from erectile dysfunction, but what about who are not suffering from erectile dysfunction? Why should they use the protocol? The only answer is to prevent the erectile dysfunction. The Protocol is an eBook which includes exercise and methods to bring the blood flow back to the private parts of men. And if you can do the exercises and use the methods right away, you don’t need to worry about erectile dysfunction in the near future.

· It helps to save marriages: Sex life is one of the most important parts in a married life. If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction or in future if you would, then it will affect your marriage drastically which you are not realizing right now. ED Protocol is a perfect way to prevent that. Buy the product. Use the eBook. Do the exercise and use the techniques mentioned in the eBook. And you are done. You don’t need to worry about your sex life again in near future.

· 60 days money back guarantee: The Protocol is very cheap. It is just $39.95 and it also comes up with a hundred per cent 60 days money back guarantee which will make your investment in absolutely risk free.

Erectile dysfunction protocol is for all the men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction or them who don’t want to suffer from it at all.

Protocol to Cure Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem faced by many men across the world. While there are several erectile dysfunction protocol programways of treating this condition, no specific solution guarantees accurate and quick results. Some treatment methods also come with many side effects. However, there is a new program called Erectile Dysfunction Protocol which can treat this condition naturally, quickly and effectively. It is comes in the form of an eBook, containing all the information you may need to cure erectile dysfunction.

What is ED Protocol?

The protocol is a step-by-step program created by Jason Long, a renowned health researcher, to help men cure erectile dysfunction using safe and natural methods. There is a popular misconception that low testosterone levels is the reason behind this condition. But according to Jason, Columbia University researchers discovered that only 5 percent of ED cases result from low testosterone in the body. This means testosterone injections and supplements may not work for you after all.

Jason says this condition occurs when the blood vessels of the male organs fail to open up to allow smooth blood flow and trigger an erection. While the market is flooded with male enhancement pills that promise instant results, Jason warns that nearly all these products do not offer a lasting and safe solution to this problem. With this mind, he offers a natural and effective plan that will help you treat this problem without having to use harmful drugs and other products.

Here are some of the notable highlights of The Protocol:

– A list of enzymes, proteins, amino acids and other compounds that you need to include in your diet to overcome this condition.

– Comprehensive information about foods and dietary supplements that contain the nutrients required to help open up the blood vessels of male sexual organs and increase flow of blood to the area.

– Step-by-step guide on how to combine your diet to achieve quick results.

– Tips on how to customize the program to suit your unique needs.

Does ED Work?

The popularity of this program is majorly attributed to its ability to deliver permanent and instant results. Jason promises that within 24-48 hours, you will be able start seeing great results and restoring your prowess in bed. As long as you religiously stick to the instructions given in the program, the blood vessels of your sexual organs will eventually open up on their own. This means that you will be able to get a long and strong erection whenever you want.

Most male enhancement products have serious side effects. For example, Viagra can cause headache, indigestion, seizure and heart attack. On the other hand, testosterone injections are often associated with prostate cancer and heart attacks. Following this program will save you from all these. All the things recommended in this program are 100 percent natural.

Sex plays a critical role in a relationship. ED hinders your ability to fulfill this need and this can strain your relationship, leading to breakup. The Protocol offers you a discrete and safe way to deal with this problem without your partner knowing.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

erectile dysfunction causes

Let us look at What Causes Erectile Dysfunction

A block in the Blood Vessels

The main cause of the lack of life-sustaining oxygen to the tissues is ischemia, simply put, it is the blockage of a blood vessel. This same condition which explains heart problems can also be the cause of erectile dysfunction. As the cholesterol and other factors are imbalanced, a fatty substance called plaque deposits on artery walls. As the plaque pile up, the arterial walls slowly narrow down, decreasing flow of blood to the tissues. This is known as arteriosclerosis; ans is the major contributor to the development of coronary heart disease.

High Blood Pressure.

Having high blood pressure can be a big contributing factor to impotence. Why? Many of the treatment regimens for hypertension have impotence as a side effect; in the above cases, it is rescindable when the medications are stopped. However, of course, you wouldn’t want to sacrifice your life by giving up your meds just for the sake of getting good erections. Consult your physician about this as he may change your medication.

Diabetes can lead to a whopping 40% of the total cases of impotence. Between 30 – 50 percent of all diabetic men report some form of sexual insufficiency.

Parkinson’s Disease Called PD, this condition may cause the under-appreciated problem. It is projected that near 35 percent of men with PD experience impotence.

Prostate Cancer and its Treatments both the growing cancer cells, as well as the treatment, can damage nerves needed for erectile function.

The secondary effects of radiation treatment include most of those of surgery, but the risks for impotence and incontinence are considerably lower.

Multiple Sclerosis this affects the CNS or the central nervous system, also leads to sexual dysfunction in as many as 78% of males suffering from MS.

Medications about one-fourth of all the cases of erectile dysfunction can be credited to medications. Numerous drugs pose a danger for erectile dysfunction. Below are the medications that are common reasons of impotence:

Drugs used for chemotherapy.

Many drugs are taken for high blood pressure, most especially diuretics as well as beta blockers.

Most drugs meant for psychological disorders, such as antidepressants, antipsychotic drugs and anti-anxiety drugs.

Injury, Stress, or Physical Trauma

Injury: pelvic trauma and spinal cord injury, for example, pelvic fracture, can cause nerve damage which results in erectile dysfunction.

Bicycling: more studies have shown that frequent bicycling might pose a threat for erectile dysfunction. Same principle as atherosclerosis, the pressure brought by cycling can reduce blood flow to the penis.

Vasectomy: take note that this does not cause impotence. When erectile dysfunction occurs after the procedure, it is frequently in husbands whose partners were not able to take the procedure and has lost the interest.

Hormonal Abnormalities: this happens when a less than the standard amount of sex hormones (testosterone) in males can be the problem, typically due to an aberration in the testicles, that secrete the above hormones. It impacts 4 to 5 million gentlemen in the US alone. However, lesser testosterone levels seem to decrease sexual interest, not source erectile dysfunction.

Natural Ways to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a common condition that can be very frustrating and have a negative effect on treatmentsyour self-confidence and relationship. Although it is common among men over 40, today quite a number of young men also find it difficult to rise to the occasion. This condition can have many causes, including unhealthy lifestyle habits and lack of physical fitness. So the best way to prevent this condition is to make some simple lifestyle changes. If you want to keep erectile dysfunction at bay and maintain your prowess in bed, keep reading.

Natural Ways to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

Healthy Diet

Erectile dysfunction can be prevented by following healthy diet and eating habits, drinking a lot of water and avoiding fats, sugar and caffeine. Eat whole, fresh, unprocessed and unrefined foods, including vegetables, soy, beans, seeds, whole grains, olive oil, nuts and cold-water fish like tuna and salmon. Taking vitamins and minerals may also help enhance the vascular system, an important element in good sexual health. Taking foods and supplements with vitamins C, vitamin E and the mineral zinc is recommended.

Regular Exercise Regimen

Since the vascular system is associated with sexual health, a strong and healthy heart plays a vital part in preventing erectile dysfunction. Simple aerobic exercises, like walking, running, dancing or bicycling will strengthen your cardiovascular system. When your cardiovascular system is stronger, it will give stronger support to your vascular system, thereby supporting a healthy erection. Getting regular exercise enhances circulation of blood throughout your body, including the penis.

Kegel Exercises

The pelvic floor helps sustain an erection by pressing on the vein that prevents blood from leaving till the erection is over. So to boost the function of pelvic floor, it should be exercised. Kegel exercises offer the most effective way to strengthen this internal muscle. Find the pelvic floor by tightening the muscles you would need to tighten in order to stop urine flow. Tighten and release this muscle 8 times. Continue until you have done at least 3 sets of 8. Do Kegel exercises every day.


Herbs which can help support healthy erectile function include ginkgo biloba, ginseng and ginger. Ginseng helps boost blood circulation, and it can be taken as either a dried powder or a paste mixed with honey. Ginkgo biloba can also increase blood flow in the arteries, thereby supporting the vascular functions that trigger a healthy erection. To use garlic for preventing erectile disorders, chew fresh, uncooked garlic thoroughly.

Quit smoking and avoid alcohol

Smoking can interfere with the circulatory system and hence it can lead to ED. It is also associated with diseases that cause erectile dysfunction. Alcohol can also have a big impact on erections. Many men find it hard to stay erect when drunk. So if you want to have a good sexual health, give up the cigarettes and avoid alcohol.

These remedies can work wonders in prolonging your erection. But remember that stress and anxiety are a major cause of ED. So try to avoid anything that can cause stress in your life.

Compare Erectile Dysfunction Protocol to Prescription Erection Medications

Erectile Dysfunction remedy

Erectile Dysfunction Protocol is a great product that is written by Jason Long. This product is recommended for all men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED). When you buy this product, you are going to see some natural alternative health remedies for treating your ED symptoms. There are many good reviews about this reliable product. Before you buy this downloadable eBook, you may want to compare this program with the regular prescription erection medications on the market these days. Here are some benefits of the Protocol compared to the regular medications.

1. All-natural remedies

It is believed to be the most important benefit of this program. You will never have to worry about dealing with any chemical substances, especially when you follow all tips and treatments from this program. This program contains a full list of supplements, foods, enzymes, and many other products that are made from natural ingredients. Therefore, you are able to treat your ED symptoms without having to suffer from any negative side effects. If you want to treat your ED problem naturally, The Protocol can be a perfect solution for you. Many health care experts also recommend the use of this program because it is safe for all users.

2. Permanent result

This is another benefit that you can get from The Protocol. This program is going to treat any ED symptoms by using good and healthy lifestyle. After you follow this program regularly, your body can stimulate your blood circulation to your private area. Your body is going to help you solve your ED problem naturally. Because of this benefit, this program is believed to be better than any traditional prescription erectile medications. Most medications, such as Cialis, Viagra, Levitra, and other medications, are usually prescribed to give temporary result. If you want to treat your ED problem permanently, you can consider using this ED Protocol system.

3. Affordable treatment

When you compare the price of the ED program with the other regular medications, you can realize that the The Protocol is more affordable than any other traditional medications. If you want to treat your ED symptoms at very affordable rate, you can consider buying this program today. It can help you save a lot of money for treating any symptoms caused by this ED problem. When you purchase this eBook now, you are going to get additional discount from the author. You can use this discount to get this product at very affordable price.

The Protocol is believed to be the best treatment for all people with erectile dysfunction problem. You can simply follow all tips and techniques that are mentioned inside this program. These tips are specially created to help all users understand about the most effective ED treatment these days. Many people are able to treat their ED symptoms in less than 60 days. It can be the best time for you to purchase this program now. This product is also covered by its 60 days money back guarantee. When you feel unhappy with this product, you can still get your money back easily. Purchase this reliable product to treat your ED symptoms effectively.

Protocol E-book Can Help You Get Your Life Back

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Erectile dysfunction is one of the heath conditions that humiliates and embarrasses every one even by thinking of it. Most of the people get ashamed of their inability to erect when it is essentially required and lose their self confidence. For this reason most of the people suffering from erectile dysfunction use various over the counter methods to get rid of it but most of them prove to be a nightmare for them. Moreover some of these methods also effect negatively instead of providing desired results to them. But the introduction of an online solution known as Erectile Dysfunction Protocol has increased the possibilities for getting long lasting erection needed by your since long.


ED Protocol or Erectile Dysfunction Protocol is an online solution for the problem of erectile dysfunction as it helps people in reversing their lost potential of erection and making them adventurously wild to enjoy the romance which was lost from their sexual life. In this way the Protocol allows you to get your life back in a 100% safe, natural and effective manner also. It introduces you to the best ways you can use your device efficiently to make a positive influence on your sex life. If you strictly follow the instructions given in this e-book then you can immediately experience its benefit in your life. This e-book guides people about getting their power back through several methods and increase their bedroom potential within a few days.

Detailed information

In fact the e-book  teaches you few things about erectile dysfunction and the methods to end this problem. It guides you systematically to get rid of this sexual deficiency through images and videos. It also introduces you to various essential amino acids and enzymes along with certain eating schedules and the methods of improving blood flow and circulation in your private parts to reverse its erectile dysfunction effectively. So people can learn how to regain their self confidence to make their married life successful through this natural and safe Program.


The benefits you can expect from the Protocol may include:

· Within two days you can experience long lasting erection during intercourse

· Permanent natural cure of your erectile problem

· No need to buy expensive alternative allow you to save lots of money

· Your manly strong erection satisfies your partner happily


· Provides you a list of natural nutritional ingredients to include your daily diet

· Guides you about the amount of food your should eat regularly

· List of supplements containing essential nutrients required for reducing erectile dysfunction

· A guide to help you in tracking your progress

Thus The Protocol is an easy to understand e-book which you can access by paying one-time fee of $39.95 to get rid of your erectile problem in a natural way without experiencing any side effect like heart problem, seizure and liver failure etc. It allows you to get your sex life and self confidence back safely and effectively.

4 Ways to Cure Erectile Dysfunction

ways to treat erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction also known as impotent is common condition that results when a man is unable to maintain/achieve an erection throughout sexual performance. Typically, most individuals experience this at some point in life during their lifetime, and the condition is most common among men over 75 years. Erectile dysfunction might be caused by various factors including stress, fatigue, alcohol consumption, smoking, relationship issues and performance anxiety among others.

Erectile dysfunction can be easily and effectively treated if the main cause of the condition is identified. Some treatment procedures are specific in their working and matching the cause with the right treatment method is crucial in realizing relief. Therefore seeking medical advice before undertaking any erectile dysfunction procedure is advised.

What are the best Erectile Dysfunction treatment procedures?

Change lifestyle.

Unhealthy/poor lifestyle is often associated with major healthy rated complications including diabetes, hypertension, and obesity among others. Unhealthy lifestyle includes observing poor diet and lack of physical exercise, and these are the major causes of erectile dysfunction. Therefore, observing a better lifestyle shall give relief to erectile dysfunction. Regular physical exercise increases body metabolism, key in addressing major healthy related complications. In addition, observing a healthy diet offer the essential nutrients in the body and avoids the ingestion of unhealthy carbs and fats that are commonly associated with weight gain. More so, quitting some practices like smoking, alcohol consumption shall promote proper cardiovascular functioning crucial in realizing healthy erections.

Overcome anxiety.

Typically, anxiety is the major cause of erectile dysfunction. You can overcome anxiety by avoiding stress, practicing mindfulness, communicating with your partner and getting more information regarding. The major drawback towards achieving and maintaining a healthy erectile is yourself. Having a well-coordinated mind, body and soul during sex is crucial as it allows an individuals to fully engage in the act which allows for better performance. More so sex is mind driven and having confidence with your performance in achieving your partner’s expectations is crucial. Therefore, maintaining high confident levels about yourself is key in treating erectile dysfunction.

Revamp your diet.

A good diet is crucial for proper body functioning. A healthy diet is rich in nutrients essential for proper body functioning. Erectile dysfunction might results due to improper functioning of the vascular system triggered by absence of vital nutrients in the body. Observing a diet rich in natural products, whole grains, fish products, and less in Trans/saturated fats shall greatly offer relief to erectile dysfunction. In addition, certain amino acids might be incorporated in the diet to help erectile dysfunction treatment.

Medications and therapies.

Using ED drugs can help achieve a maintain erection for longer periods. These drugs works by boosting the influence of nitric oxide, a product produced naturally to facilitate blood flow into the penis. If you don’t like taking medications, you can undertake suppository or injection to direct Alprostadil in the penis prior to erection. In addition, you can undertake therapy treatments including testosterone replacement therapy and use of tennis pump aimed at boosting the levels of testosterone in the body and creating an erection respectively among other therapeutically procedures.

Benefits Of Using The Program To Cure Erectile Dysfunction

The problem of erectile dysfunctions is something that affects many men these days. Up to now, we cure erectile Dysfunctioncannot say that there is an established way to treat this condition as there is no pill or injection that provides desirable long term results. However this condition can be treated naturally using Erectile Dysfunction Protocol, which is a new program usually referred to as Ed-Protocol. It is available as an eBook with all the necessary information needed to naturally cure erectile dysfunctions within a short period of time. The author, Jason Long, has carried out in depth research to come up with a step by step program that must be followed to the letter for effective, fast long term results. The following factors make the protocol the ultimate solution to curing erectile dysfunctions.


Unlike purchasing pills, supplements or going for surgical procedures, The Protocol is available at an affordable price range. These medical options can cost you a lot of money and will still not yield the desired results. With The Protocol, you get to spend very little money and still get the most favorable, fast and long term results.

It Is Safe And Natural

Using Ed protocol is safe as there will be no side effects or health complications resulting from using the program. All that is recommended to you is certain dietary supplements that will help improve your condition. Other pills and painful surgical procedures may have serious consequences and may even lead to serious health problems. From The Protocol, you will get all the necessary instructions that will help you to naturally cure erectile dysfunction.

Permanent Solution

Resulting to Viagra to get erections not only has side effects, but it also offers only at the moment short term solutions to erectile dysfunctions. Instead of focusing on immediate gratification, The Protocol offers you a permanent solution for good. Buying pills or going for injections only works temporarily and in a few weeks, you are back to languishing in you problems. The Ed Protocol program is natural and works fast to cure you permanently without taking any medications.

100% Money back Guarantee

Jason Long is so confident of the effectiveness of the program that he allows you to use it for 60 days and if you feel like you did not get the desired outcome, you can contact customer care and get a full refund of the money you spent. This goes to show that there are no risks involved in using the program in any way.

Final Verdict

Looking at the reviews of this program, you can see that thousands of men regardless of age, race or penile size, it has greatly helped restore their sexual life back to normal. It is not too late for you as you have the chance to save your new relationship or make the existing one even more exciting. This guide book is easy to understand, risk-free, easily accessible and gives you value for your money. For you to permanently, safely and naturally cure erectile dysfunction try the program and your sexual life will never be the same again.

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